We will be traveling down "Weight Watchers Rt 30" where we will show some menus that fit the new Weight Watcher's Smart Points.  This episode focuses on three (3) breakfast items that we use in our home.  The idea is to stay within 30 daily points (I think the minimum amount that Weight Watchers give).  God willing, we will focus on Dinners next time we travel down WW Rt 30.  Thank you for watching.  I also plan to  begin posting my marriage counseling next week.


I just started weight watcher last week. I was using calculator at first then i went to use app that has been a nitemare its confusing not much to it compared to some apps other people had on you tube. I never felt shamed when I gained weight nor stopped going. I wished they would of had an extension to their program when you get pregnant. I had to quit because of pregnancy. I feel you need the support to eat healthy but because of legality they can't offer the support to pregnant women due to being a weight loss program.

07/03/2017 10:34pm

I'm not familiar about this Weight Watcher Rt 30 that you were saying, but I think that this is a great. I will search this on the internet for us to have some background on the things that you post. I must say that this is very interesting. I'm glad that you share this with us. I hope that you can post more topics that we can relate. Thank you!

07/30/2017 7:27pm

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08/08/2017 7:32am

Been reading this site for awhile now, always has really good posts and topics please keep it up! loads of blogs are going under lately from lack of new posts etc


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