Traveling down Interstate 101 - Marriage Counseling.  In this journey we just cover some basics before getting started.  


07/23/2017 6:18am

This video is very timely. My cousin is looking for a marriage counselor. She and her spouse are having problems in their marriage recently. They are thinking of getting a divorce. I adviced them to first seek help from a counselor. I think you are the perfect match for this. I will recommend you to my cousin.

08/03/2017 4:37am

I believe that Marriage must be taken really seriously. Marriage for me is a sacred thing. I think that it should be prayed really well. As for me, I would like to marry someone that I have prayed for in a very long time. I want someone who is ready to understand me and wait for me patiently. Anyway, thank you so much for sharing the video above.


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