Still continuing with Romans we cover the first part of Romans 15 - let us glorify God in all we do.


Glorifying God means recognizing His greatness by praising and worshipping Him. We must acknowledge that He is the only one who can redeem us from all evils. To truly glorify Him, we must spread the Gospel to everyone and must work His plans because He knows what's good for us. Lastly, we must love others. Loving others is a proof of how authentic our faith is. Anyway, thanks for sharing this. I hope you'll write soon.

07/23/2017 6:16am

This video is very moving. I love watching videos about God's words. It helps strengthen my faith to God. I am quite busy with my studies that I don't have the time to visit our church that often. Spiritual videos like this are very helpful. Please continue posting!


Glorifying God can be in so many ways. But I believe that we can do so by honoring Him through our words and actions. We can give Him glory by loving Him with all of our hearts and minds. This video is really helpful though. I have realized a lot of things through the video that you have posted here. I am so glad you have shared this here.

07/12/2017 2:30am

This video is low quality one. It can be done more professional.

marissa maria
07/23/2017 6:14am

I love this blog!


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